covid-19 precautions

the year is 2019. you’re at a pregame, you take a sip from your friends cup, you sink a shot in pong, you hug the stranger standing next to you. life is good. this isn’t what our reality looks like anymore – life is different, there is immense tragedy and suffering taking place all around the globe and nothing is the same. 

fette, inc. was founded in january of 2020. our founders, olivia and priya, thought they were building a company that would cater to the partying that we loved and knew so well. however, back in march, when the world changed, fette did too. the founding team came together and had serious and tough conversations about the most meaningful way to continue working on this already existing company in a responsible, thoughtful and respectful way given the current climate. 

for fette, this meant changing the model and rethinking our entire approach to the business. instead of partnering with program houses, sports teams, and alike, we are selling cups in a small 22-cup package. based on conversations that the fette team has had with hundreds of college students across many different campuses, it is clear that while many universities are only offering remote learning, many students still intend to live in their college towns. for this reason, we thought the safest way to proceed would be to encourage students to have a good time with their “pod,” or group of housemates in order to practice appropriate safety precautions. 

despite all the uncertainty, fear, and intensity of the moment we are living in, the fette fam believes that we can still do our part to stay safe and and be respectful while having a good time on small scales with the people who we love.