Crash course in sustainability at fette

Welcome back!

In order to introduce you to fette, we have to start with the core of our company values and goals: sustainability.

Both red solo cups are made out of No. 6 plastic, which is VERY difficult to recycle. It's so difficult, in fact, that most curbside pickup recycling programs don't accept products made out of No. 6 plastic.

HINT: Recycling plants don't do a lot of sorting, so if a non-recyclable item is found in the batch, the whole batch is sent to the landfill. That means recyclable items get thrown out too!

So, these cups go to sit in landfills, where they will take over 50 years to break down. Some estimates say that styrofoam (made out of the same material as red solo cups) can be in landfills for around 400 years.

Our cups work to solve that problem, while still being a company rooted in having a good time. Sustainability is a big priority for us and, while we're still learning, we want to share with you guys what we've done so far.


How is fette sustainable?

fette cups are made out of PLA material, a commercially compostable plastic material. Our cups are intended to be an eco-friendly that can hopefully replace red solo cups! The packaging we send our cups in is all recyclable, making the whole purchase eco-friendly. In addition to the material our cups are made of and packaged in, they are also domestically produced, meaning fette saves on energy and pollution associated with transporting cups from production facilities overseas.

What is PLA?

PLA is a bioplastic made from natural sources like corn and other starch, which are renewable resources. It mimics petroleum-based plastic materials, like No. 6 plastic. PLA is commercially compostable and therefore better for the environment than No. 6 plastic products.

What's the difference between composting at-home or commercially?

To answer this question, we have to address the difference between "biodegradable" and "compostable". Biodegradable means putting a product into a natural environment will result in it biologically breaking down. This is the science behind at-home composting systems that you can throw food scraps into. Composting is a process involving specific, man-made conditions that breakdown certain materials. PLA is one of those materials.

How do I get started composting?

At-home composting is super easy! This is the best way to dispose of food scraps and other organic materials like egg cartons, coffee grounds, newspaper, etc! You collect your food products and store them in a bin or area of your backyard. There are many ways to make a compost bin yourself, and also tons of places that sell them! Here is a resource for composting tips and how to get started:

HINT: You can put any food waste in the compost except for meat products! Meat will cause health concerns during the composting process.

There have started to be more and more compost pick-up service that resemble recycling bin pick-up programs. They haven't popped up everywhere yet, but here is a really great resource for finding one near you:

Can I still use fette cups if I don't have compost resources near me?

Yes! PLA and fette cups are also recyclable, so you can toss them in the recycling if that is the option available to you! Of course, composting is better for the planet, so definitely make the most of composting resources if you have them.

How can I be more sustainable today?

Single-use plastics are some of the worst perpetrators of a declining environment. There are lots of alternatives out there to switch to (including fette) to make a difference. Educate yourself on recycling and composting so you can be sure to do the right thing. Staying informed is also really important, so follow informational resources about the environment and stay tuned for this blog, which is going to be a resource like that!!

At fette, one of our main goals is to show how sustainable living can be fun and doable. Our cups and this blog are two ways we are working to give people options to have a blast in a more sustainable way!

Let us know what other products or info you would want to see from us! How else can we help you be more sustainable and more educated? Shoot us a DM on Instagram so we can continue the conversation!

See you soon!