frequently asked questions

Orders & Deliveries 

Why is fette a direct-to-consumer company?
By selling our products in a direct-to-consumer fashion, fette is able to deliver college students the most convenient access to sustainable party products. With fette, all you need to do is select a quantity of cups and click order for cups to be delivered to your place at your desired time. 
Another benefit of being a direct-to-consumer company is that we control the branding, the messaging, the packaging, and everything in between. We have a very specific vision for fette as a brand and company and being in control of every element is of the utmost importance to us. 


How are fette cups more sustainable than the current options? 
effective June 2021, fette cups will be 100% compostable.
Traditional party cups are made out of no.6 plastic, otherwise known as polystyrene/styrofoam. This plastic is not accepted at most recycling facilities and can release potentially toxic breakdown products like styrene into your food or drink. In the long term, this leaching can act as a neurotoxin and possibly a carcinogen. Studies report the harmful effects of styrene on red-blood cells, the liver, the kidney, and stomach. that’s unacceptable!
If we want to phase out red solo cups, and fight the toxic and wasteful elements of party culture, the science is clear! in terms of protecting both the climate and your health, #1 plastic is the way to go– with no known health issues, and complete recyclability.
How is fette sustainable apart from the cups?
fette is committed to being sustainable all along the supply chain. By working with a domestic manufacturer, we are making sure that our production is as local as possible. On top of this, we believe in using sustainable packaging, namely boxes made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. All of the materials used to make this box are sourced from corrugated and paper-based materials in North America.
We are on a journey ourselves of learning how to become more sustainable as a brand each and every day. We are always looking to learn and grow and hope you will join us on this journey as we become an increasingly more sustainable brand.



Why are these cups transparent?
One of fette’s central goals is not only to make having a good time more sustainable, but safer for all. The transparency of our cups is absolutely intentional– we stand behind efforts on campus and beyond to mitigate date rape and the toxic elements of partying culture, and firmly believe that being able to see your drink is a crucial first step.
How many cups come in a box?
Right now, we are offering 50 cups in a package! If you're interested in bulk orders, email us:

Social Media

what are Sustainability Sundays? 
at fette, we have committed to taking a day out of each and every week to promote sustainable practices and practitioners across our social media platforms. the goal of our ‘sustainability sundays’ is to amplify the work and words of climate & social justice activists. previous spotlights have included a reading list on environmental racism, a feature on Hannah Testa with her words on how College students can practice everyday sustainability, and an article on Indigenous peoples’ tireless work to protect the Amazon rainforest. we are continually striving to uplift marginalized voices, and leverage our platform to promote positive, sustainable living and meaningful change.
How are we using our social media platforms for good?
we are all about uplifting and amplifying marginalized content creators, entrepreneurs in the alcohol industry, and environmental activists. aside from our sustainability sundays, fette is committed to raising awareness around sexual violence & harassment on college campuses. recently, fette partnered with @makelovebycusp and fundraised for Know Your IX to turn this commitment into action, and use our social media presence for good.



Is fette just a cup brand? 
no! While cups are our main product focus right now, fette is really a once-stop-shop for all things sustainability, college, and partying. we see ourselves as a lifestyle brand that encompasses everything that has to do with having a good time and doing it responsibly, safely, thoughtfully, and modernly. 
What does the name fette mean?
to us, fette means having a good time. the name’s origin story takes place in a college dorm. our co-founders, priya and olivia, were at a classic college pregame when someone threw confetti into the air and the room erupted in excitement. they looked at each other and both shared the thought, “fette”. it perfectly represents everything the company loves: confetti is fun and light, “fete” literally means “party” in french, and it’s not coincidence that a fetty wap song was playing in the background.