our values

having a good time

fette is a sustainability brand all about maximizing fun, and fun means something different for each of us. We envision ourselves as a brand that can work for every type of person, no matter if partying to them is a chill night in or an all out rager. fette is there for you through it all. 


The research is clear, our generation cares about the environment and knows that there is an imminent climate crisis. That being said, we all live busy lives and are always looking to maximize efficiency and our time. That is why fette is 100% committed to making the integration of sustainable practices easy, available, and convenient. 


Everyone fits in the fette fam. We are a community of innovators, students, drinkers, non-drinkers, and everyone in between. With fette, you are part of a bigger mission, a bigger community. You are a member of the fette family.