our values


College students are some of the biggest contributors to number 6 plastic waste given the large amounts of traditional red party cups we purchase, consume, and then dispose of every day. Number 6 plastic is especially harmful because it is chemically identical to styrofoam and not accepted at most recycling facilities, thus making it very toxic. For this reason, our mission is to curb the amount of number 6 plastic consumption by introducing the fette cup.


fette is a sustainability brand all about maximizing fun, and fun means something different for each of us. We envision ourselves as a brand that can work for every type of person, no matter if partying to them is a chill night in or an all out rager. fette is there for you through it all. 


Everyone should be able to see inside of their cups and know what they are drinking at all times whether they are at a party in broad daylight or a dark basement.