our story

As college students, our lives are dominated by two main things: doing homework and avoiding homework. Avoiding homework often comes in the form of parties, wine nights, beer pong, darties — to name a few. Three things that all of these events share: fun, red solo cups, and waste. For far too long we have normalized the use of these cups that are, for all intents and purposes, not recyclable. That is, until now. 

Our names are Priya and Olivia, and since we have known each other, we have always bonded over a shared passion for protecting the environment and a shared love of having a good time. We knew that we had a unique partnership and the ability to harness it to make a positive impact on our campus and beyond. Thus, fette was born. 

We are here to make having a good time sustainable, easy, convenient, and cool. Join us on this journey of doing good, while being bad, one fette cup at a time. 


Priya Mittal and Olivia Tulkoff