Brand spotlight: Pela

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In an effort to give you guys the 411 on all of your sustainable options as a consumer, we're doing a special feature on a brand in a realm we haven't covered yet. Introducing: Pela!

Pela is a badass company that made the first ever compostable phone case! Inspired by plastic pollution/litter, the founder of Pela, Jeremy Lang, wanted to create a better option for people than the more common plastic phone case.

If you think about it, most people cycle through a few phone cases within the lifespan of their phone, and then upgrade to a new model that cause for brand new cases. This is a constant cycle in the technological age, and Pela wanted to do something to lessen this cycle's negative impact on the planet.

Check out this YouTube video about their story and purpose to learn more about their mission:

Another thing to consider is the environmental impacts of cellphones on the planet. Every cellphone contributes to global warming and environmental hazards in a number of ways. Here are some fast facts about the impact of your smart phone:

  • Smartphones rely on nonrenewable, not sustainable resources like gold, cobalt, lithium, silicon, etc.
  • Mining for & extracting those materials is a highly pollutive process.
  • Materials, assembly, and transport of smartphones uses a lot of energy and generates a huge carbon footprint.
  • Phones are toxic waste, meaning they require a special kind of disposal which most people are unaware of, so most phones release toxic chemicals after their disposal.

A quick disclaimer:

It's important to note that these facts are not intended to make anyone feel bad for owning a phone!! For many, a cell phone is essential for daily life & work, and the flaws in the system of production are not the responsibility of the consumer! However, it is important to take action and purchase ethical, environmentally-conscious products when we can. Every small effort counts, and purchasing Pela cases for your electronics is a huge step in the right direction!

Now, a little about the logistics:

Their phone cases are proven to be durable as well as scratch and drop resistant. They are 100% sustainable and made from flax straw after the flax is harvested, meaning it is a natural resource that can be composted. According to founder Jeremy, this gives his phone cases a more "graceful end of life" in an industry that typically doesn't take end of life into account. Pela is committed to working toward a waste-free future, a super important commitment that makes them an AWESOME brand to support by switching to their products. Their phone cases are also totally adorable and they have tons of options for every different style.

Since their founding, Pela has had the opportunity to expand beyond their Android and iPhone cases, and they now sell a wider array of products. In addition to their phone cases, they sell iPad cases, smart watch bands, phone grips and wallets, a zero waste screen protector, and even blue light glasses and sunglasses. And, of course, all of their products are made out of their all-natural, sustainable material and can be composted!

Check them out for yourself, or for your friends and family. Let us know what you think about Pela and if you have any other sustainable brands that you want us do a spotlight on! We're always looking for more cool brands to support and bring attention to!

See you soon!