fette's sustainable summer bucket list!

Welcome back!

With only one month left of summer (we're just as sad as you guys are) we wanted to share with you guys some things to do with your friends to squeeze the most fun into the end of the summer. We created a bucket list of some fun things to do for the last month! We also made sure that all of our ideas are good for the planet. So, without further ado, here is:

~ fette's sustainable summer bucket list ~

host a clothing swap among friends or in your community

This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to extend the lifespan of your clothes (and get some cute new ones in the process). Organize a day when you and your friends bring clothes you don't wear anymore and trade for pieces that are new to you! This is the most eco-friendly alternative to a shopping spree and is still a really fun way to spend the day with friends.

have a farmer's market day

Find your local farmer's market and support some local businesses! Buying food from farmer's markets also ensures that you are reducing the energy used on transporting food and buying organic options that don't use GMOs or pesticides. Better for you and for the planet! Also, lots of farmer's markets have much more than just fruits and veggies, so they're always fun to explore! My local farmer's market has sellers that sell jewelry, art, and other food like bread, honey, and kombucha.

picnic with homemade food, reusable containers, and fette cups!

Having a picnic is a great way to spend time in the summer sun and it is SO easy to make it eco-friendly. Make the food yourselves at home and bring it to your favorite picnic spot in reusable containers. If you're bringing drinks as well, try serving them in fette cups (; This is a low waste way to hang out and a perfect set-up for some really cute IG pics. Even better if you can make a day out of it and use your farmer's market groceries to make a yummy meal for the picnic!

DIY upcycling projects

A super fun way to spend a day is to take some things you have lying around the house and give them an eco-friendly makeover! There are tons of inspo and tutorials to find online of how to make sustainable items out of things you probably have around the house. Some examples to look up are:

  • A no-sew tote bag out of an old t-shirt
  • How to make a bird house or a bird feeder
  • Make washable, reusable cotton rounds out of old clothes
  • Find recipes for DIY face masks out of things in your kitchen

And there are tons more online to choose from! Another easy idea is to revamp some of the clothes from your closet (or that you recently got from a clothing swap) to transform it into a new look. The ideas are endless!

go for a hike or a bike ride

Spending time outside is a zero waste way to feel more connected to the planet. Grab some friends and find a hike to do together! Guarantee there will be some scenic shots to post later. Or, if you prefer, grab bikes and take ride around your local town or city, seeing the sights. Be sure to bring your reusable water bottles to stay hydrated rather than plastic!

go to or organize a beach/park cleanup

A great way to spend time outside, with friends, and helping the planet, is to help clean up litter in outside spaces you love. Find a cleanup hosted near you, or grab friends and family and put one together yourself. Plus, you can spend time hanging out, enjoying the beach or the park afterwards!

plan a camping trip

Another great way to spend time in nature that is also easy to do in a zero waste way is to go on a camping trip. You can turn it into a road trip with friends, heading to campgrounds near you, or even do something as simple as setting up tents in your backyard for the night. This is a totally fun way to spend time outside without having a negative impact.

plant a garden

Big or small, having a garden of your own is a lot of fun and can be really rewarding! You can start small with herbs or go bigger and plant veggies in your backyard. Reuse some fette cups as planters to be even more sustainable! We bet your meals will taste even better because it's partially homegrown.

go thrift store hopping

My personal favorite alternative to a shopping trip to the mall is to map out all the thrift stores near you and visit them all. Shopping secondhand is a great way to reduce the amount of clothes in the landfills and reduce your consumption of fast fashion. Also, IMO, it's a lot more fun to dig for the hidden treasures. Go shopping for yourself, or bring friends and pick stuff out for each other! It's a ton of fun and way better for the planet (and the wallet) than shopping at the mall.

commit to a sustainability challenge

The summer is the perfect time to try something new, so why not try a sustainability challenge to push yourself to be better to the planet. There are tons of different goals to set, and they're all flexible to what you

  • Go meatless
  • Collect your waste to see how much you generate
  • Try to use all reusables

There's many more to pick from if you search online, or you can come up with your own. Let us know how it goes if you decide to try any!

Let us know if you try any of these ideas, or if you and your friends do anything else that's both fun and sustainable! Send us your pics of your eco-friendly summer fun!

See you soon!