Glass Half Full NOLA Feature!

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Because we want to foster a community of education and cool people doing cool things for the planet, we want to showcase as many organizations or activists that we can. Today we're featuring a really badass company: Glass Half Full NOLA.

Glass Half Full started because of inspiration similar to ours here at fette! After noticing a lot of glass trash littering their city, and fed up with the lack of glass recycling there, founders Franziska and Max started their company to repurpose the glass waste. Glass Half Full collects glass waste to be recycled into sand and larger gravel for reuse! 

Glass Half Full collects over 30,000 pounds of glass every week through their drop off and pickup programs, making a huge impact in the total glass waste in New Orleans. Through the next few steps in their process, the glass gets crushed into sand and gravel and after processing, the glass sand and gravel can be used as a resource to make new glass products (like bracelets), in eco-construction (like with these terrazzo flooring tiles), and so much more!


At fette, it is so exciting to see a company like Glass Half Full gain so much traction in their community and make such a huge impact in not only recycling, but sustainable construction as well. They are a perfect example of how taking action in any way big or small can have a huge positive effect on the communities involved and the planet as a whole. 

Thanks so much to Glass Half Full for collaborating with us! For more info on them, check out their website and their Instagram page @glasshalffull.nola

Let us know what other organizations you guys have been inspired by! We would love to hear from you and possibly do a feature on them as well! Shoot us a DM or an email. 

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