How to find legit sustainable brands: a fette guide

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At fette, we value and prioritize transparency when it comes to sustainability because we are very familiar with how difficult it is to navigate the sustainable business space as a consumer. As students, trying to make affordable, ethical, and environmentally-friendly choices can be really confusing and overwhelming.

One of the major reasons finding sustainable brands due to a concept in business called greenwashing, which is a marketing strategy in which companies use "eco-friendly" phrasing and imaging to deceive consumers into thinking the company is making sustainable products. This is a ploy to persuade buyers to buy their products, on the pretense that they are better for the planet than competitors. Greenwashing complicates the search for genuinely environmentally conscious brands.

We want to simplify the process for our #fettefam by giving you guys a resource for all the ways we vet the brands we support! Below are some of the best ways to get informed and navigate making sustainable choices.

good on you

This is a one-stop resource to vet the brands you love to wear. With an easy-to-understand rating system that varies from "We Avoid" to "Great," this website rates brands on their impact on people, animals, and the planet. While it does focus on clothing brands, its comprehensive ratings give you all the important info on clothing brands' ethics and environmental impact. It is the #1 source for sustainability rating in fashion, and for good reason. Not only can you use it to check brands before you buy, you can use it to find awesome new brands that are doing the right thing and making cute clothes!


package free shop

This website is a one-stop shop for your all your sustainable swap needs. Stocking low-waste and sustainable alternatives to necessary products you use every day, this website gives smaller eco-friendly brands a platform to sell their products to a bigger consumer base that is on the hunt for sustainable products. From self-care products to kitchen and cleaning essentials, this website covers all your daily needs and showcases brands that are proven to be committed to creating less waste and promoting sustainable living. For anyone looking to make a sustainable swap, this is a must-visit website to check out some of the best options on the market.


musings magazine


Let us know if you have any other go-to resources for finding sustainable products and brands! We are always on the hunt for other resources. Or, let us know if there are any other questions about sustainability we can help answer for you! Shoot us a DM or an email anytime!

See you soon!