How to: get involved in climate activism on campus

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With the school year kicking off and everybody getting into the swing of classes and extracurriculars, we wanted to give you guys the 411 on continuing your education about environmental matters. We know that classes and homework are enough to juggle as it is, so we collected a list of easy (and really fun) ways to get involved in environmental activism on campus. All of these options are customizable to you and your schedule, but we hope you take advantage of some of the badass ways to get involved!


Clubs on campus are a really easy way to get involved in a low commitment way and also meet people that care about the same things as you. There are always environmental groups around campus that help organize events and marches as well as spread awareness. A bonus for you is that getting involved in an environmental club will teach you a ton, so you'll get a lot out of it while also giving back! Check to see if your school has a Climate Action club and/or a branch of Sunrise. There are also tons out there, so keep an eye out and maybe try out going to a few meetings!


A perfect way to learn more about the environment and get inspired to help during the school year is to take a class that is focused on some facet of the conversation surrounding the planet. No matter your interest, there is a class out there that will cover it. Because environmental studies is a very multidisciplinary subject, there are classes that cover policy, natural science, anthropology/sociology, english, and more. Picking up a class about the environment as an elective or for some extra credits is an awesome way to learn from the experts and get exposed to more ways to help.

marches & rallies

Most college campuses organize rallies or marches to take part in state or national efforts to make change. Keep an eye out for advertisements about events like this (if you're involved in an environmental clubs, you'll definitely hear about it). This is the easiest way to get involved and feel like you're making a difference. Grab some friends and spend the day together. You can even make signs together beforehand!

educating yourself

There are many easy ways to continue your education on sustainability news! For one thing, stay tuned for these blog posts every Sunday (: There are also a ton of super cool newsletters to subscribe to that will give Sparksnotes versions of all the latest environmental news, as well as more lifestyle tips like this blog. There are options for daily and weekly news, as well as a newsletter that includes all positive news (if you get overwhelmed with the negativity, we know we do). We're linking some of our faves down below.

Newsletters: (this one has a corresponding podcast!) (this is a blog, but subscribe for updates to your email!)

Also, one of our favorite ways to get info it by following Instagram accounts that post informational content on their feed and their stories. This way, you can get some info during your everyday scroll through social media. These posts are also always in cute graphics and easy-to-read and digest blurbs. Some of our picks are linked.


challenge yourself

A good way to help with efforts to be more sustainable is to try new things and mix little challenges into the school year. Try eating meatless once a week (or more if you want!) or starting to compost in your dorm or apartment. Since some changes that are good for the environment aren't the easiest or most convenient, challenging yourself with one goal for a short time frame is a great way to get started. If you try one new thing a month, you could find some swaps that make your life easier and keep them around. The following are some easy challenges for inspo, just set a goal and see if you can stick to it!

  • invest in reusable grocery bags & bring them grocery shopping
  • make the switch from writing notes to typing them, or switch to a planning app rather than a physical planner (we recommend
  • remember to bring utensils with you to use instead of using disposable ones
  • don't buy anything new for a certain amount of time (shop 2nd hand instead, or challenge yourself to not buy anything at all!)
  • go grocery shopping at a farmer's market instead of a grocery store

Let us know if you check any of these out, or if you have any tips for how you stay educated/get involved! Shoot us an email or a DM whenever, we'd love to hear from you!

See you soon!