How to: Sustainable party planning

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With the school year getting under way, we know that soon friends will be getting together and parties will be back in a big way. However, since parties can be a huge source of waste (which is one of the big reasons why fette started), we wanted to give some more sustainable options to reduce your party's footprint.


Balloons are typically made of rubber or latex and are not recyclable, so when throwing your next party, fette has some fun alternatives for you! Paper lanterns are a simple and affordable option to bring color to your party that are made of recyclable materials. They are also reusable, so you can include them in more parties in the future! Some paper lanterns are even made out of rice paper, which is even more sustainable. Similarly, string lights are a potential to add some light and reuse them for as long as you want!


If your party is a bday celebration, opt for all natural alternatives when it comes to candles! Beeswax candles are better for the planet than other wax options and they still come in super cute colors and are perfect for making wishes.


Alternatives to streamers are harder to find, but there are a lot of options for making your own! You can make paper chains and/or garlands out of paper pom poms to string across rooms and make really cute photo walls with. These can be made out of recycled paper for an even more sustainable touch.


There are some super awesome biodegradable confetti options on the market right now, which is a great way to limit your waste! This is also a great opportunity to save some money and DIY it in a sustainable way. You can make your own confetti by buying a hole punch and going outside to collect leaves. This is obviously the most all-natural, biodegradable option and can be a great pre-party activity.

biodegradable confetti:

how to make your own all-natural confetti:


Obviously using non-recyclable, plastic disposable utensils is horrible for the environment, so opt for more sustainable compostable options. A great option to make your party a little greener is fette cups (wink, wink). Using reusable utensils is an even better way to make the party more sustainable.

Hope you guys can use these tips for your next party planning adventure and all the ones to come! Party hard! (;

See you soon!