Monthly recap: September favorites

Welcome back!

With the constant changes and new developments involved in sustainability, we thought it would be fun to recap the all the best sustainability-related stuff we're loving and give our recommendations to you guys.


Fav sustainable product: Refillable deodorant

We know this sounds a little crazy. But, quite a few brands are making reusable deodorant containers that you can buy inserts for, so you don't have to throw out a plastic deodorant bottle every time you run out! This reduces your plastic waste a TON and you get a cute little reusable bottle to have for life! Here are some options:

Fav new sustainable brand: Blueland

This is such a baddass brand with some really cool products you'll use all the time. It has a wide selection of sustainable cleaning essentials that will make your cleaning routine more eco-friendly! Their packaging is adorable and they have great reusable/refillable options. Check them out!

Fav piece of sustainability news: Fridays for Future are back!!

For those of you unfamiliar, environmental activist and all-around badass Greta Thunberg founded the Fridays for Future marches in 2018 and on September 24th, the first Friday was held since the COVID-19 pandemic! These protests are a huge global effort toward increased action toward combatting climate change, and we're so glad they're back! Here are some links recapping the day for you:

Sustainability Goal for October: Go meatless once a week!

Join us in our goal of participating in Meatless Mondays! Check out our blog post from last week for tips & inspo.

Let us know what your favorites from September were as well as any other categories of sustainability-related topics you want us to cover in our next monthly favorites. We hope you check out some of our faves & that you love them too!

See you soon!