Sustainable back-to-school essentials

Welcome back!

Love it or hate it, the school year is fast approaching and we wanted to take the opportunity to give you some suggestions for more eco-friendly supplies for the coming year!


Girlfriend Collective, one of our faves here at fette, makes a backpack made of 100% recycled plastic bottles! It's machine washable and you can send it back to Girlfriend at the end of its life so they can recycle it again. They also have a big tote bag if you're more into totes than backpacks!

The tried and true backpack brand Jansport has come out with a sustainable backpack option! Their Recycled Superbreak is made of 100% recycled nylon with 100% recycled polyester labels. It comes in super cute colors and has all of the classic Jansport quality!


Decomposition notebooks are a great sustainable option! These are sold at Target at a really competitive price point, not to mention they have super cute designs on the covers. These notebooks are made of 100% post-consumer-waste paper and printed with soy ink making it an all-natural, eco-friendly option!

Rocketbook is a brand that makes reusable notebooks that have specialized pages that can be wiped clean after you transfer your notes to popular services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. This is the ultimate sustainable option since the Rocketbook can be reused for years!

pencil pouch:

Whether you carry a bunch of pens and pencils, or just need a small bag to keep in your backpack for self care essentials, look for organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp. A pencil case is also a great opportunity to support small businesses or fair trade companies that make sustainable products. Check out the options we've listed!

utensil sets:

A definite must-have for making your school year more green is a portable utensil set. Bring your eating utensils with you in your backpack so you don't have to use disposable utensils on or around campus. These sets come in pouches and come in bamboo, plastic, or stainless steel for whichever you prefer. We've linked options below, but they're sold in lots of stores, like Target and Walmart!

Hopefully these products and helpful tips get you guys a little more excited for the coming school year! Best of luck in your classes and happy studying!

See you soon!