Welcome to the #fettefam blog!!


Welcome to the fette blog! We're very happy you're here. (:

At fette, we have a goal of consistently prioritizing sustainability and furthering our education. We really want to practice what we preach when it comes to living green. Education is the first step in making a difference, and not only do we want to take that step, we want to be a resource for anyone else that wants to join us for the ride.

As a student-founded and student-run company, we know that we will absolutely make mistakes along the way and we recognize how important it is to learn from those mistakes. We want to take you all along with us! The inspiration for this blog comes from that commitment to continuing education and a hope that we can create a hub for other people that want to learn more and live more sustainably. Welcome to the #fettefam! (:

This blog is going to be a really fun mix of topics that are big in sustainability right now. We've been brainstorming at fette for a while to make sure you guys are getting some really cool content, but we would love to hear what you guys are interested in learning about!! Shoot us a DM on Instagram if you think of anything you want to learn more about, or something you want to teach people about!

We're really excited to create a community here at fette that is inclusive and motivated to educate ourselves and others on things that matter!

See you soon! (;